Your skin needs to be treated right, and our body treatments leave you feeling fully restored!

Arcadya Spa Body Wrap – $95
Get your passport to complete relaxation. A warm mud is generously applied to your entire body, stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs enriching minerals, your body radiates healthy purification and deep hydration for a delightful sense of renewal.

Seaweed Body Wrap – $95
This body wrap is a wonderful gift to the skin. Allow your skin to hydrate and replenish with natural elements found in seaweed. Your journey will begin with a light scrub, followed by a full body application of a compound, rich in seaweed extract, and then wrapped in warm blankets. The final touch will be an indulging application of our extraordinary moisturizing lotion to maintain hydration.

Papaya-Pineapple Creme Fraiche Body Wrap – $95
Tropical fruits start your escape to relaxation. This sumptuous body wrap is activated by creme fraiche natural butter, papaya and pineapple for serious de-aging qualities. Your skin energizes radiantly, and youth is restored.

Mango-Passion Fruit Yogurt Body Wrap – $95
This tropical wrap counteracts aging, evens skin tone, and delivers invigorating and toning benefits. The creamy yogurt is applied to the skin, while extracts of mango passion fruit and Vitamin C are quickly absorbed, rendering your skin refreshed, firmer and vividly brighter.

Tropical Saltmousse Body Glow – $65
“Glow” is the key word for this deep-cleaning exfoliating treatment. Feel stress melt away, as your skin is gently massaged with this aromatic tropical de-aging salt mousse. As the salt dissolves, negative ions are released and tropical extracts are absorbed. A moisturizer is then applied for sensational, soft-glowing skin.

Airbrush Tanning Smart Sun      
Keep up a beautiful color without the side effects of sun exposure. Even fair skin tones can come out with a rich, sultry bronze color. Our highly trained spa specialists will customize a color that is best for your skin tone, helping you achieve a glamorous silky smooth tan. This treatment is perfect for weddings, prom, competitions, special events, vacations and everyday glow. This is recommended for all skin types. Organic ingredients (formula)
Full body Tan with Exfoliation – $65
Full body Tan without Exfoliation – $35
Legs only – $25
Face – $15

Ear Coning – $50
Centuries-old ear coning is used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. Old ear wax and toxins are removed, helping to relieve inner ear blockage and wax buildup.